Painting is, for me, a counterpoint to my digital photos, to feel the smell of paint and turpentine gives inspiration. I do not have the same patience when I paint, I want it to go fast, in order not to lose the thread, everything feels like it must be done in one movement and that now. I often paint over old paintings it gives them several lives, like different incarnations.
The last brush stroke will determine whether the painting survives or not.
One brush stroke too much kills the painting. With digital, you can go back several steps until you lose focus and change the direction. Which in some cases can be rewarding.
Digital is a more precise language where everything is calculated and measured.The hard part is to finish. You can always change a little bit to improve something, do something new.
With a painting, it is so much easier to feel when it is finished.


(c)  Marika af  Trolle