Eyelander – a digital project by Intercult

I am a part of Intercults art project Eyelander. I represents Tyresö municipality in Eyelander.

Eyelander (2022-2023) is a digital art project that, from an artistic perspective, explores issues of climate and cultural heritage in Stockholm.

Here you find information about me and my participation in the Eyelander project.

”Eyelander is a project that brings together artists in Stockholm in a discussion about cultural heritage and climate change. On the one hand, it is a digital exhibition consisting of 10 site-specific artworks spread across 10 municipalities in the Stockholm region. On the other, it is a forum for dialogue about cultural heritage, the climate and digital tools in art. The aim of the project is to explore what happens to our common cultural heritage in the face of potentially life-altering climate change. Through the power of art, we wish to create new meeting places and encourage all those who interact with the project to engage in cultural heritage issues, locally and regionally.”