Big Image, Stockholm 1989

Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence 1990

Cammage gallery, Västerås 1991

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Art Junction, Nice 2000

Tyresö Konsthall, 2013

Tyresö Konsthall, 2013

1984 was my first encounter with an electronic palette, that was on Imagina, annual festival on computer graphics (CG) that takes place in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. an exhibition of new technology.

Where they demonstrated how one could draw on an electronic palette with a
electronic pen and it was displayed on a monitor in front of you it was revolutionary for me to see how you could modify color, change shape, cut and paste yes everything.
I saw the opportunity, and spoke with the company that introduced this elecronical palette. Paintbox as it was called by Quantel. It turned out that their business was just where I lived in Le Tholonet, what a coincidence. I started taking private lessons there to learn how this wonderful palette worked and 1984 I made my first digital pictures.
Next problem was how do you get those digital photos out from your computer and I searched everywhere to find a technique to get these images on paper.
This was before computers of today there was only word processing computers on which you wrote texts.
I finally found out that it was possible to get slides from the Paint Box that was all I wanted .
And I did some big photos from them and lightboxes (cibacrom) it was really interesting to see those digital images in real life Now I wanted to print them on canvas so I could paint on them, and I found a company that was then called ”Bildproducenterna” and now they are called Big Image, where you could print out images from slides and get them really big I went there and we made some tests I wanted to print on canvas but they did not have that, they had some kind of fabric and paper so I started to find different kind of canvas to try and finally I found a good one that took the color well. It was a great feeling to see all these big canvases hanging there, I painted with acrylic on them and they all came out well.
From 1984 when I started with Paintbox it took 4 years to get them on canvas.

(c)  Marika af Trolle