Video Zen
Two monitors showing the raked gravel they are placed upon.

The drug is also contraindicated in people with hepatic impairment. One case of progressive vaccinia has been described in a military smallpox vaccinee newly diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. After each dose, advise patients to rinse their mouth with water and, without swallowing, spit out the contents to help reduce the risk of oropharyngeal candidiasis Triamterene may cause a decreasing alkali reserve, with the possibility of metabolic acidosis.

Shown at:  Fondation Vasarely Aix-en-Provence, Artivisive Rom,

Art junction Nice,

Stockholm Artfair, Galleri C Hjärne, Helsingborg

Video Koan
The word Koan has a meaning which can best be expressed as irreconcilable contrasts
and contradictions, which have somehow a kind
of paradoxical connection.

The cement-mixer becomes the video.
And the video becomes the cement-mixer.

Shown at Moderna museet Stockholm,
Sveaborg Helsingfors, Artivisive Rom,
Fondation Vasarely  Aix-en-Provence,
Camage Västerås, Château de Mallefougasse,

Galleri C Hjärne Helsingborg. 

Video Karma
The word Karma has been given the general
meaning of all relations between causes and
their effects in all aspects of life.
Words, thoughts and expressions,  the being
and the future in all forms are irrevocably interdependent.

I have tried to illustrate this in the installation
Video-karma using a series of  monitors placed
on top of each others, showing water streaming
down  finally breaking out of the monitor at the
lowest level ending up in a aquarium from which
it is recovered to start all over again, in an eternal circulation.

Shown at Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence, Camage Västerås, Château de Mallefougasse


Video – nirvana

It represents the attainment of the highest enlightenment.
This has been illustrated by a video freely floating in air,

showing the finally attained white light.

Shown at Fondation Vasarely Aix en Provence,

Artivisive Rom,

Stockholm Artfair,

Galleri C.Hjärne, Helsingborg


Virtual sprinkler

A circular lawn with a monitor showing a water sprinkler in action.

First shown in 1994 at Château de Mallefougasse,

France, and in 2004 at the Stockholm Garden Fair, Älvsjö.


Stockholm Art Fair 2004.
I wanted to create a space where nothing disturbed, only white walls
a break from all  images in the show, a space where you could rest from all  impressions,

a “one between room” (mellanrum)

Vie d’eau
Château de Mallefogasse, France, 1994

(c)  Marika af  Trolle